John Nuttmann Bio

John Nuttmann, CPA/CGMA, joined Romano & Mitchell in 1984 and currently serves as a partner and manager of the firm’s tax practice.  He is responsible for the firm’s Trust/Estate and Tax administration and compliance.  In his role as administrator of tax compliance and quality control, he is directly involved in each client’s tax planning and tax savings strategies, and representing clients before the IRS and tri-state taxing authorities.

John has been an expert witness in divorce property settlements and participated in client bankruptcy planning and tax compliance.

Mr. Nuttmann is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.  He has also served as Treasurer for several non-profits and has been appointed trustee for a number of his clients’ personal trusts.  John is an avid member in the Boy Scouts of America, facilitating and participating in many character development exercises.