Federal Tax Audit

Government & DCAA Audits

The accounting and auditing procedures required of DCAA government contractors can be complex and confusing.  Romano & Mitchell has the proficiency needed to help government contractors successfully navigate the government audits and DCAA Audit processes.

At Romano & Mitchell we provide several different auditing services. Government and DCAA audits are more diverse in their requirements and require extensive knowledge. Our CPA professionals have taken the time to understand and know all the regulatory requirements for both auditing processes to provide successful audits to those in the governmental field.

Government & DCAA Audits

We work closely with our clients throughout the year, providing assurance of financial policies, procedures, and internal controls, and helping them to achieve a fair audit outcome.  Whether auditing for qualification or engaged in audit defense, we provide the assurance needed for business development and long-term continuity.

Romano & Mitchell offer several government audits & DCAA auditing services including:

  • DCAA Audit Response Preparation
  • DCAA-approved Accounting System Implementation
  • Indirect Cost Allocations and Incurred Cost Submissions
  • Yellow BookA-133 Audits
  • Fraud & Forensic Investigations
  • Internal Control Procedure Development
  • FAR and Compliance

Each of these services can be manipulated to match the needs of your auditing situation. Every situation is unique with government contractors and with over 30 years of experience we here at Romano & Mitchell understand this.

Take the time to contact R & M to discuss your government audits or DCAA audit scenario now and see what services we can provide you. Searching for other auditing services? Do not hesitate to ask us about what services we can offer you when booking your free consultation.