Audits for Privately Held Companies

Audits for Privately Held Companies

Although privately-held companies are not typically required to provide verified financial information. This information is not generally gathered unless necessary but for every business; it is useful information to have. Those having or seeking outside investors or business partners can benefit from providing this critical proof of the due diligence of their financial management activities.

With the help from Romano & Mitchell, audits for privately held companies gives every business the opportunity to have properly maintained financial documentation easily.

Privately Held Companies Audit Services

Romano & Mitchell regularly provides audits for privately-held companies that serve as intensive examinations and offer the highest levels of assurance. Our audits meet the regulatory requirements of the Yellow Book processes, allowing us to provide every business qualified and thorough audits.

Our audits provide a true financial backbone of complete and accurate data that allows businesses to chart their paths, accurately assess treasury processes and controls, identify potential corporate risks, and ensure compliance with tax requirements.

Our capabilities at Romano & Mitchell show that we take the time to provide sound financial records are essential, and audits are the process by which those records are verified.

If you are in need of an audit for privately held companies contact Romano & Mitchell today to schedule a free consultation.